Tribute to Mongoose


One day my PA announced that she had organised a kitten for my birthday, an unwanted kitten who was living in Paddington. I'd no idea what to name him, but I'd just been working in Madrid with a fabulous lady who pronounced my name as Mongoose (or that’s how it sounded at any rate) and so the name was born.


Mongoose lived for nearly 17 years, he had his own cat ramp - a special arrangement of platforms that allowed him to get from the first floor kitchen window to the garden below.


Mongoose's successor, Eliot, is an accomplished furniture vandal. Mongoose had no interest in destroying fine furniture and rugs, instead his passion was for sparkly things. In particular, he adored Christmas. The first Christmas tree lasted only hours, before he had climbed it and removed all the twinkly things. The following year a rather smart minimalist twig was decorated with a few strips of shiny lamella. One morning it looked like a small portion had got stuck to his rear - a gentle tug soon revealed several metres....